No credit signature loans -Quick and easy signature loans with no credit check

Quick and easy signature loans with no credit check

You can get a signature loan with no credit check on our website, select the amount and term of the urgent loan in the calculator. If you want to request a signature loan with no credit check, PlusLend lets you sign for it. An easy, fast and accessible process for anyone. After this step, you will receive an SMS on your mobile in response to your request for the signature loan with no credit check.

Once the application process to obtain a quick loan online, the SMS you receive on your mobile will inform you about whether your application has been approved or not. The message can inform you that the quick loan has been granted to you -in which case it will include a verification code-, or you can reject your request if you do not meet a minimum of requirements.

Once you have been granted the urgent loan you must accept the Terms and Conditions of the service, and enter the verification code sent to you by SMS. The code must be entered by accessing your customer area, in the “Accept loan” section.

As you can see, asking for a quick online loan is very easy with Viaconto. To do this, you just have to select the amount you want -which can be between 50 and 600 euros-, and choose how many days you want to return it -between 7 and 30 days-. The calculator will automatically inform you of the total amount you will have to repay, once the interest is included, as well as the due date of your urgent loan.

You must take into account that you can only request a personal loan of more than 300 euros from your second application, by becoming a recurring Viaconto client.

Remember that in order to obtain a fast online loan with Viaconto it is essential that you meet the following requirements: 
Reside in Spain, be between 21 and 65 years old, have no outstanding debts of more than € 1,000 and show that you have a regular income.

Application process

Choose the amount you want to obtain

The first thing you should do is decide how much money you need and, above all, keep it clear. To do this, move the bar to the right or left to choose the amount of money you want and the time frame for its return


Once decided and fixed in the bars, click on the orange button on the right “Request!” And you will advance to the next phase.

General data

Enter your personal data or those of the applicant, starting with your first and last name, then your phone number, your email address, normal address and bank account number among others. Remember that the owner of the bank account where the money will be transferred must be the same person as the applicant.

Complete personal information

Enter, then, more specific data about you that will facilitate the management and help accelerate the process of acceptance of the fast loan application.

According to the processing of personal data

Now comes a point as simple as it is fundamental to continue with the process. You will be shown a link with Viaconto’s personal data treatment policy, click and read carefully. Then, if you agree with everything, mark the box on the left with a click. Now you can continue.


Once the entire form has been completed, the procedure has finished. But it’s always a good idea to take a look and make sure everything is correct. Once checked, click on “Send”. From now on your application is being processed and in a matter of hours, you will receive your money if everything goes as it should.

Frequent questions

1. If I do not have a salary, can I apply for a loan? In Viaconto you will be helped to solve your economic problems, without causing major conflicts. Therefore, you can request a loan provided you have demonstrable periodic income such as a pension, unemployment benefit, etc. 2. How to apply for a loan? You must apply for the loan through its website. You must select the amount and term that best suits you and then you must click on “Apply”. Fill in the general information requested in the form and then you must choose a data verification process:
– Instator: select your bank and enter your passwords to allow them to verify the ownership of the account. It should be the account where you receive your periodic income.
– Submission of documentation: you must send the necessary documentation to an email that will indicate you. 3. How can I accept my loan? Accessing your customer area and entering the verification code sent to you by SMS to your mobile. You will see in this section a tab where it says “Accept loan”. 4. How long will it take to approve the loan? You will receive an SMS on your mobile phone with the decision after a few minutes of requesting the loan. The hours of operation are from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 5. How can I defer my loan? To postpone the loan you must make a payment on the day your loan expires. You have the option to defer the loan in 7, 14 or 30 days. For this you must make an entry in your bank account of the corresponding amount, indicating in the payment concept: defer + DNI / NIE.