We are specialized in finding guarantees in the insurance market. What is a guarantee, or a guarantee? Article. 1936 of the Civil Code defines guarantor: “the one who, by obliging himself personally to the creditor, guarantees the fulfillment of another person’s obligation”. The Guaranty is a contract, unlike the deposit which is a guarantee deposit. The Insurance Guarantees, or Surety Policies, are contracts in which an insurance company is willing to act as Guarantor, Guarantor, to a customer for a contracted obligation towards a third party, Beneficiary, public or private entity. These sureties can also be issued on text and forms of the requesting party to guarantee:

✓ “doing”, in the face of contractual commitments for the execution of any type of work and / or supply 

✓ “giving”, guarantees of financing and payments of every order and degree



Guarantees to guarantee contracts between private individuals Contract between private parties: the obligations assumed in the contract for the proper execution of the contracts or the early release at the end of work or in the course of the amounts withheld are guaranteed, to further guarantee the exact fulfillment or proper functioning. Real estate exchange: guarantees the delivery of the buildings described in the trade-in contract within the same time limits. Payment guarantee: payment is guaranteed on the occasion of transfer of immovable or movable goods, transfer of company, branch of company, supplies and services Sale on the property card: yes guarantees the delivery to the purchaser of the property purchased on paper and therefore the deposit and the advances paid during construction (dl 122/2005) – Lease: we guarantee,in lieu of the security deposit provided for in the lease agreements and commercial lease agreements, the payment of the lease payments For concession of licenses, mandates, representations, deposits: the Beneficiary is guaranteed the fulfillment of the obligations provided in the license contract, mandate, representation, deposit

Guarantees for Concessions and Public Procurement For registration on the Register of Freight Forwarders: issued for obtaining the administrative license and / or registration in the Register for the exercise of the activity – For the anticipation of national and community contributions: issued to the public body provider of the contribution and guarantee of the good use of the advanced amounts. The present typology is extremely heterogeneous as the advances are granted on regional, national and community contributions for training courses, retraining, industrial, commercial, artisan, tourist, etc. investments. Provisional: for participation in Definitive tenders: the successful execution of the contract by the contractor is guaranteed – Advances: the return of the advances granted (to the

Miscellaneous sureties for urbanization:guarantee the fulfillment of the charges deriving from agreements for primary or secondary urbanization works. Legge Bucalossi: guarantee the obligations deriving from the issuing of building permits – Waste disposal guarantees: the beneficiaries are guaranteed (Ministry of the Environment or Regions / Provinces / Municipalities) compliance of the expected fulfilments and compensation for any costs for environmental restoration for transport, storage, disposal in the national environment, registration with the appropriate National Cave Cultivation Register: guarantees the obligations deriving from the authorization for the cultivation of the quarry Anticipation of contributions: we guarantee the good use or repayment of contributions paid Guarantees for: fiscal settlements, payment of tax debt, property and real estate leasing



It differs from the Bank Guarantee, in addition to the type of institution that issues it, since in the first case there is no obligation to deposit cash sums on the current account, in the second case yes.

Furthermore, the sureties issued by insurance companies do not commit bank credit lines and therefore leave the possibility of being able to operate more freely with their own banking institutions.

The Insurance Guarantee therefore presents numerous advantages for the companies as it allows not to immobilize money, securities and / or not to saturate with bank signing commitments, guaranteeing greater economic resources available for business development.

Castle Rock Broker srl has specialized over time in finding in the insurance market sureties at first demand, or that provide for the waiver by the guarantor of the so-called benefit of the preventive enforcement of the debtor pursuant to art. 1944 of the Civil Code.