They guarantee any legal obligation, valid and of economic content, derived from contracts, orders or purchase orders, that are made within the agreed term, with the characteristics, quantities and stipulated quality, held between government entities or between individuals.




• Work and supply. They guarantee the fulfillment of the different obligations generated by the contracting of works or the acquisition of goods and / or services, the main ones being:

• Contest or Bidding. Guarantees the support of the prices and other conditions established by the contestant in the corresponding proposal.

• Advance payment. It guarantees the proper investment or amortization of the total or partial of the advance granted and, if applicable, the return of the same.

• Compliance. Guarantees compliance with the obligations established in a contract, agreement or order.

• Good Quality or hidden defects. They guarantee the good quality of the stipulations contained in the contract or order and, if applicable, the repair of the damages, hidden defects or defects that result from the supplier or contractor.



• Lease bonds. Guarantees the payment of rents stipulated in the lease agreement.

• Bonds for Owners. Guarantees the payment of maintenance fees, administration and services.

• Labor Contingencies. Guarantees possible contingencies due to the provision of this service, responding to possible labor liabilities.

• Tax Dissatisfaction Bonds. Guarantees the suspension of the Administrative Procedure of Execution and will be in force until the appeal filed by the guarantor against a tax credit is resolved.

• Agreements of Payment Agreement in Partialities. These bonds guarantee compliance with the authorization to pay in installments the tax debts, incurred for nonpayment of federal or local tax differences.

• Sweepstakes and raffle bonds. Guarantees the delivery of the prizes to the beneficiaries with the quantities and characteristics announced.

• Concessions bonds. Guarantees the possible responsibilities that may be incurred by customs agents, notaries and public brokers for the performance of their management that is authorized.

– Requirements .- List of necessary vouchers for the validation of the parties. 

– Application Formats. – They contain the necessary information so that Finance Evaluator can correctly perform the valuation of the parties in time.