Eagle Bail bonds Gadsden Al -What Happens If A Bail Bond Is Not Paid?

What happens if a bail bond is not paid?   A bail bond or bondsman is any person or entity that acts as a guarantor and pledges money or property as bail for the appearance of persons in court. Although banks, insurance companies,…



General Rules Under the guarantee agreement, a person guarantees to satisfy the creditor an obligation assumed by the debtor, if he does not comply. The bond will be given in writing, and does not admit extensive interpretation. The bond can be stipulated, although…


What Happens to a Second Bond After an Act Instead?

  Homeowners have options for getting out under mortgages they can no longer afford. Many borrowers accept an act rather than negatively to the cost of repossessing a property. The benefit of accepting an act of the lender is less if there is…


Administrative Bonds

They guarantee any legal obligation, valid and of economic content, derived from contracts, orders or purchase orders, that are made within the agreed term, with the characteristics, quantities and stipulated quality, held between government entities or between individuals.   TYPES OF BONDS •…


When and How can the Victim Get State Compensation because of Crime?

  Few victims still know and benefit from the possibility of obtaining from the Treasury for suffering a crime -related financial benefit called state compensation for crime victims. As we will explain in the further part of the article, the compensation covers the…


Variable Income Treasury Bonds – Is It Worth It?

We learned yesterday that the state will launch a new savings product. He called it Variable Income Treasury Bonds . In this article we will analyze this product a little more and realize if it is a good savings instrument for Portuguese families.…


What is a Crime at All?

  The constructional elements of the crime will be presented below. The courts of lower instances sometimes use some simplifications and do not get into these elements by slipping only after them. For example, wine should be subject to a special analysis, and…


Guarantees and Bail Bonds

 We are specialized in finding guarantees in the insurance market. What is a guarantee, or a guarantee? Article. 1936 of the Civil Code defines guarantor: “the one who, by obliging himself personally to the creditor, guarantees the fulfillment of another person’s obligation”. The…